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Focus on the design and manufacture of household appliances equipment and moulds
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Create an internationally renowned refrigeration automation complete set of equipment, household electrical appliances and mold design and manufacturing enterprises


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KCM Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD
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KCM Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTDFounded on July 08, 2009, the company is close to Chuzhou City, Anhui Province, which is located in Nanjing
for half an hour, and close to Ningluo Expressway and 312 National Highway, and adjacent to Beijing-Shanghai Railway in the east.
Exquisite household appliances is an export-oriented science and technology enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of complete sets of refrigeration automation equipment, household electrical appliances and moulds. From the beginning of its establishment, the company has made the most strict and prudent arrangements from the aspects of organizational structure, staffing, research and development gradient, equipment purchase and so on.
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Business card


KCM Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD
KCM Machinery Manufacturing Co.,LTD Contact person:Mr Zhang Telephone:158-5501-9595/159-5500-4256 Letter Box:leizhang112@126.com/454656098@qq.com Address:No. 8, Lanzhou Road, Suzhou Modern Industrial Park, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province (intersection of Lanzhou Road and Dawang Road)
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